Symplectic Entanglement: Bosonic Lattices & Spin Networks

Achim Kempf's Group Seminar, University of Waterloo

In the first part, I will review a framework that allows to calculate the entanglement entropy of arbitrary squeezed states in a bosonic lattice, a system consisting of N quantum harmonic oscillators. I show that the entanglement entropy can be calculated directly from the complex structure associated to the squeezed state.
In the second part, I will present a new class of entangled spin network states that are generated by squeezing the Ashtekar-Lewandowski vacuum of Loop Quantum Gravity. Using the framework introduced in the first part, we can calculate their entanglement entropy analytically. Projecting these states onto the kinematical Hilbert space provides a new candidate for highly entangled semi-classical states.
This talk is based on work with Eugenio Bianchi & Nelson Yokomizo.

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