Average eigenstate entanglement entropy of the XY chain in a transverse field and its universality for translationally invariant quadratic fermionic models

LFH, Lev Vidmar, Marcos Rigol, Eugenio Bianchi

We recently showed [Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 220602 (2018)] that the average bipartite entanglement entropy of all energy eigenstates of the quantum Ising chain exhibits a universal (for translationally invariant quadratic fermionic models) leading term that scales linearly with the subsystem’s volume, while in the thermodynamic limit the first subleading correction does not vanish at the critical field (it only depends on the ratio f between the volume of the subsystem and volume of the system) and vanishes otherwise. Here we show, analytically for bounds and numerically for averages, that the same remains true for the spin-1/2 XY chain in a transverse magnetic field. We then tighten the bounds for the coefficient of the universal volume-law term, which is a concave function of f. We develop a systematic approach to compute upper and lower bounds, and provide explicit analytic expressions for up to the fourth order bounds.