Busy Break – Busy 2013

German Christmas Candies

German Christmas Candies

I decided to return to Europe for the two weeks of winter break to see my girlfriend and to celebrate Christmas in Germany. Furthermore, I wanted to realize a long dream: to celebrate New Year in Berlin!

In the following list you see a short order of events:

  1. Flight: Dakar-Madrid and Madrid-Paris (22.12/23.12)
  2. Trainride: Paris-Mannheim (24.12)
  3. Christmas in Freinsheim (24.12-29.12)
  4. Visiting Cologne, Essen and Hagen (29.12-31.12)
  5. New Year in Berlin (31.12-3.1)
  6. Flight: Berlin-Paris (3.1)
  7. Relaxing in Paris (3.1-5.1)
  8. Flight: Paris-Madrid and Madrid-Dakar (5.1)

Over the break I did not do much work and focused on enjoying a good time. However, during the last week I was ill which enabled me to do at least some computer work. On the weekend when I felt better we had some meetings to discuss the progress of different projects.

Concretely, I am currently involved in the following activities for 2013:

  1. Preparation: Summer School in Quantum Information Theory
    Together with Robert Jonsson I will teach a course on quantum information theory at the beginning of August: the school is offered for talented highschool students (German: Deutsche Schülerakademie) I am very excited about this opportunity.
  2. Writing: Lecture Notes on Shape Dynamics
    I started to write some lecture notes on my current research that I would like to finish soon. You find the current version on the course page of my Sunday lectures.
  3. Production: AIMS Movie
    We still have to film some student interviews, some intro animations and a conversation with Neil Turok, founder of AIMS. Morgan, Pavel and I are optimistic to finish a version within the next month.
  4. Launch: African Opportunity Network
    Yannick, Pavel and I were working hard to launch the official website for the African Opportunity Network.
  5. Lobbying: PSI Alumni Conference 2014
    The PSI Alumni Committee is thinking about lobbying for a re-union of four generations of PSI in the form of an scientific conference at Perimeter Institute in 2014.
  6. Preparation: Internship at Global Public Policy Institute in Berlin
    At the end of April I will begin an internship at GPPi in Berlin and I try to start reading about public policy and relevant stakeholders to get grasp on this unknown field.
  7. Research: Perturbative approach to Shape Dynamics
    With Tim Koslowski I am continuing a collaboration from my Master’s thesis and I am spending the remaining time beside my tutor job and other activities on tricky calculations involving tons of Poisson brackets.

I am very excited what else 2013 will bring. My plans reach until the 17th of August when Robert’s and my summer school on quantum information ends – what I will do next or where I will hopefully begin my PhD is open. Stay tuned…