Video Production proceeds

Two weeks ago, I started to work with Morgan Pascal and Pavel Chvykov on an Outreach Video for AIMS Sénégal. Our plan is go into post-production in January 2013, but until then there is some work to do: We have to schedule interviews, present our concepts to the students and employees of AIMS Sénégal and to organize a fast computer to actually do video editing. But we are on a good way:

  • In our first week we interviewed, Tanja Fröhlich, representative of the German Ministry of Education and research, that supports AIMS Sénégal by funding a research center for applied mathematics.
  • Last week, we filmed Clarisse Uwizeye, a student of this year, who wrote a song about the wonderful atmosphere at the institute. We hope that we can use parts of this great music in our movie. Furthermore, Neil Turok is planning to use the footage for his presentations about the AIMS idea. You can watch the song.

German Institutions visit AIMS Sénégal

Günter Nooke, German Chancellor’s G8 Personal Representative for Africa in the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, visits AIMS Sénégal

I didn’t expect to meet any Germans during my time in Sénégal: I wanted to learn French. However, since I arrived no less than four German institutions sent their representatives to AIMS Sénégal to get an impression of Neil Turok’s idea “building science in Africa”. It was interesting to meet German institutions from this perspective, as an employee of an institute that they support.

The German institutions decided to fund a research center for applied mathematics based at AIMS Sénégal. For this five shortlisted candidates of a faculty position paid by the Alexander-von-Humboldt Foundation were invited to interview sessions and talks.
We are excited to see when the research center is going to start.