Being involved in various projects and committed to a wide range of different activities, sometimes I have a sudden idea for a long-term project. Usually, it does not seem very likely that it will ever be done, but the more I like an idea the more I try to make it concrete: Even if such a vision is not on my priority list, it is a great distraction – and thinking through is fun. Finally, there is still a small chance that one day I find supporters or come to a position myself to let a vision become real. If you have any suggestions or contributions, feel free to contact me: I am always happy to get feedback on sketched ideas.

06/2012-present | This is the idea of a virtual online coursework in theoretical physics targeting a general audience. I participated in the Built-A-Thon competition at Perimeter Institute: Eight teams competed over 48 hours to create a program, a game or a film to teach young people about science. Our team “PSIons” created a video presentation for a virtual Online coursework titled “FirstClassPhysics” based at Perimeter Institute that allows lay people to learn about advanced topics in theoretical physics.


11/2011-present | This is the concept of a 5-Year-Curriculum (Bachelor's and Master's) of a study program in Mathematical Physics. Having studied physics at different institutions around the world I was asking myself what the best way is to teach young students the full range of mathematical and theoretical physics. I discussed with students and lecturers including my own experience in both roles to design a 5 year curriculum that brings high school graduates to the cutting edge of research in the field. I have no idea if I will ever get the chance to apply my draft or parts of it, but it is satisfying to collect and combine working ideas to an unique program.


04/2011-present | This is the concept of a two weeks summer school for undergraduate students of my university. The goal is to bring students as early as possible in touch with more advanced topics. It is not about presenting a full introduction of those topics, but give the opportunity to learn some aspects and stress important facts about physics. I got the idea when I worked as a mentor for high school students and organized a workshop at Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute) for them.