Master’s (08/2011-06/2012)

From August 2011 until June 2012 I was a Master’s student at Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics (PI) in Waterloo/Canada. I was among the third year of the Perimeter Scholars International (PSI) program: In a group of 37 students coming from 23 different countries we had courses on the full range of modern theoretical physics, starting from General Relativity and Quantum Field Theory going over the Standard Model of Elementary Particles, Cosmology, Condensed Matter, Quantum Foundations and Information, up to Loop Quantum Gravity and String Theory. The courses were taught by researchers from all over the world, such as Neil Turok, Ruth Gregory, Renate Loll, Freddy Cachazo and Carlo Rovelli. Beside our regular coursework we got engaged with many other aspects of academic life at PI and activities among the students.

08/2012-present | I was one of the founding members of a committee to start an alumni association of our Master's program at Perimeter Institute. By preparing our Valedictorian Speech Hjalmar Eriksson and I had the idea to start an Alumni Association for the PSI students. We got in touch with PI and invited other PSI students to participate in a committee: We will probably have a group within a PI Alumni Portal run by PI and in our PSI Alumni Committee we are discussing to start regular meetings, a conference, web seminars and a database for all alumni.


05/2012-06/2012 | I produced a promotion video of our Master's program to show all the diversity of our student's life between research and fun. Hjalmar Eriksson and I had the idea to conserve the unique experience of the PSI program by producing a movie. For this, we wanted to show every single student and stress the diversity of our various backgrounds. Furthermore, we wanted to use interviews of volunteering students to give an authentic glimpse of what the PSI program is about.


03/2012-06/2012 | I had the idea to start a committee among the Master's students to improve the Master's program by giving distinct feedback. We were the third class going through the PSI program and the Perimeter Institute is very flexible to adjust the program on suggestion. Hjalmar Eriksson and I started a committee among the students which met every second week during lunch to discuss ideas to improve the program. Based a group of representatives met the Program Director and Fellows to discuss ideas.

01/2012-06/2012 | I was organizer of a weekly seminar for graduate students at Perimeter Institute. After talking to other students about sharing mathematical and physical knowledge within the PSI program, I had the idea that we can start a weekly seminar with talks and interactive discussions. Over Christmas 2011 I created a website and in January I started to organize the “PSIminar”. The first speakers were all PSI students, but later PhD students and faculty members presented their research, as well. One highlight was when we invited Nobel laureate Gerardus ‘t Hooft.

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