Highschool (08/2005-03/2008)

I graduated from highschool in March 2008 with majors in German, Physics and Mathematics.

11/2006-03/2008 | I was chief editor of our highschool graduation magazine. At the end of highschool I was in charge of organizing the production of a school magazine (German: ABI-Zeitung) for our graduating year. Together with Daniel Glöckner I was chief editor and responsible for the layout design.


10/2006-09/2007 | I worked as a tutor in a TheoPrax project to improve filter systems for water purification. I was tutor, I tested new filter concepts for water purification in waterworks of the city services Ludwigshafen (German: Technische Werke Ludwigshafen) as part of a TheoPrax project in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology. We won the 1st prize of the TheoPrax prize 2008.

10/2005-10/2007 | I was elected students’ representative in two successive years. In the team of representatives I worked on a new bylaw for our students’ representation and restructured the different committees, such as “school without racism”, “cafeteria” and “school parlament”, “event planning”, “school books” and “communications”.

10/2005-09/2006 | I worked in a TheoPrax project to reduce email data of the Bosch company. In a team of eight students, I developed techniques to minimize the email data volume on Bosch company servers as part of a TheoPrax project in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology. Furthermore, I was treasurer of the project.

06/2005-11/2007 | I was involved in a musical production of our school as actor, writer and media artist. I was involved in the musical project Short Cuts - Make Up My Mind. In a group of 24 students and 4 teachers we staged a musical for which we wrote the script. For that we used improvisation as creative technique to get authentic dialogs which we condensed in a script. Our project won the 1st prize in the Advancement Award 2006/07 (German: Förderpreis 2006/07) of the Lions Club Ludwigshafen.

10/2004-10/2007 | I founded the video editing club of our highschool. In 2003, I founded a video editing club at my highschool and in collaboration with the musical club we produced several documentaries about the life at school and a film version of the German musical Linie 1.