Bachelor’s (10/2008-08/2011)

I did my Bachelor’s in Physics with minor Mathematics at Humboldt University of Berlin. I specialized in theoretical physics and wrote my Bachelor thesis in the Quantum Field Theory group of Professor Plefka on “Tree-level amplitudes in massless QCD”. Beside my academic work I took part in numerous activities and projects I came across.

12/2010-07/2011 | I was one of the organizers of the monthly regular's table of my scholarship foundation. Being a scholarship holder of the German National Academic Foundation (Studienstiftung) gave me the chance to meet great people and to get involved in great events like summer schools, additional symposia and journeys. There are over 1000 scholarship holder in Berlin and together with Birgit Heppt and Philipp Merlin Scharff, I organized a regulars’ table for them: We started to spread our monthly invitations further, tried new restaurants and made the seating more dynamical.

10/2010-07/2011 | I organized a weekly tutorial in classical mechanics and electrodynamics. Having benefited myself from an optional tutoring session at Humboldt University which was organized by Christoph Witte, I did not hesitate when a fellow student and I had the opportunity to start something similar for the freshmen when we were in our third year. Michael Borinsky and I offered a weekly tutorial (German: Tutorium) on classical mechanics (first semester) and electrodynamics (second semester).


12/2009-07/2011 | I worked as a mentor for highschool students with interests in science as part of a program by the Foundation of German Business. In fall 2009, the Foundation of German Business offered me a job as a mentor for high school students in their penultimate year. In Berlin, we were five mentors responsible to organize camps, university visits and preparation courses for thirty gifted students. During my internship at the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics my supervisor Frederic Schuller and I organized a workshop on General Relativity for those students.

12/2009–12/2010 | I was responsible for the media division for a physics student conference in Berlin. My student association at Humboldt University organized the conference “Meeting of all student associations in Physics” (German: Zusammenkunft aller Physik-Fachschaften) and I was head of the media division. Almost 200 student represenatives from all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland came to Berlin to spend four days in Berlin to discuss about university education in physics and how to provide the optimal conditions. In my position I was responsible for the Conference Program Magazine, the Conference Reader, and communications with the media during and after the conference.

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08/2009-03/2010 | I worked in the Common Future Think Tank where I was involved in producing a journal for the COP15 in Copenhagen. After I met Dirk Heine, founder of the Common Future Think Tank, at a summer school in Switzerland, I joined them being part of an international network of young thinkers that used collaborative methods to lobby for progressive climate policy. In that context, I was responsible for the journal layout of the Common Future South-North Journal we published in the COP15 in Copenhagen.


10/2008-07/2011 | I worked three years as a student representative for our student association at Humboldt University. I was involved in the student association (Fachschafts-Initiative) of our department, where I helped with the organization of introduction weekends for new students and mathematical lectures. Furthermore, I was a member of the examination board of our department. In 2010, I was responsible for the media portfolie of the conference meeting of all German student associations in Physics (German: Zusammenkunft aller Physik-Fachschaften).