African Opportunity Network

12/2012-present | Together with two friends I started the African Opportunity Network supporting gifted Africans pursuing an academic career.

In November 2012, Professor Banyaga visited AIMS Sénégal to give a lecture series on Symplectic Geometry and a talk on career building for Africans. There he pointed out that many Africans have severe disadvantages when they apply for PhD positions and Master’s programs just because they are unfamiliar with the Western education system. Furthermore, also many of their professors who write recommendation letters do not know what Western universities expect. Kouakep Tchapthié Yannick, one of our student, asked if there exists a support network for Africans, but we could not find a fitting project. Therefore, Kouakep, Pavel and I started the African Opportunity Network to bring African talents in contact with mentors from all over the world and to provide up to date information about the application process at most Western universities.

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