German Institutions visit AIMS Sénégal

Günter Nooke, German Chancellor’s G8 Personal Representative for Africa in the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, visits AIMS Sénégal

I didn’t expect to meet any Germans during my time in Sénégal: I wanted to learn French. However, since I arrived no less than four German institutions sent their representatives to AIMS Sénégal to get an impression of Neil Turok’s idea “building science in Africa”. It was interesting to meet German institutions from this perspective, as an employee of an institute that they support.

The German institutions decided to fund a research center for applied mathematics based at AIMS Sénégal. For this five shortlisted candidates of a faculty position paid by the Alexander-von-Humboldt Foundation were invited to interview sessions and talks.
We are excited to see when the research center is going to start.