Welcome to my website

I am a graduate student at the Pennsylvania State University working in mathematical physics. After my Master’s at the Perimeter Institute, I was tutoring at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences in Sénégal and interned with the Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi) in Berlin. Beside my academic interests I have been involved in social projects, public policy and video productions.

Here you can read my blog and learn more about me (including CV). You can find information on my activities, my research and my teaching experience. Feel free to contact me.

Fields of interest:

» Mathematical Physics

I am interested into mathematical physics with applications to fundamental theories, such as gravity and quantum field theories. I like to work on a rather formal level as long as I can see strong physical guiding principles.

  • In the setting of quantum field theory on curved spacetime, I would like to better understand the notion of entropy and its physical implications.
  • In classical gravity, I would like to learn more about physics with a positive cosmological constant leading to an asymptotic de Sitter spacetime.
  • During my first year at PennState I looked at horizon complimentarity in elliptic de Sitter space where we performed an observer dependent quantization and provided a translation recipe.
  • I was working on a project of my Master’s thesis on shape dynamics, a reformulation of general relativity.
  • For my Bachelor’s thesis I worked with analytic expressions for tree-level amplitudes in massless QCD and their efficient implementation.
  • During an internship at the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics I worked on new spacetime geometries.

» Public Policy

I want that my work helps people. I believe in education as important engine for development, and my experiences in Africa made me very curious about the future of this more and more shining continent.

  • In summer 2013, I did an internship at the Global Public Policy Institute in Berlin conducting a study on vocational training in fragile contexts.
  • While working as a tutor in Africa, I founded with two friends the African Opportunity Network to support African students pursuing an academic carrier.
  • During my Bachelor’s I was involved with Common Future, a political think tank lobbying for progressive climate policy.

» Media

I enjoy working with different media and especially film excites me. Since highschool, I have worked in several projects covering a wide range of media including film, print, sound and web.